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Saturday, January 6, 2018

creative challenge adventures

You're sure to know, if you've been here before, that I love participating in challenges, as almost all of my posts are linked to card-making challenges.  I've tried a few other kinds of challenges, especially daily ones, with varying degrees of success; you can see some of them on my Instagram account @kathedmi.  I did pretty well with the 30 day planner prompts #ttbchallenge in November, and really well with #ohsocutedoodles #decemberdailychallenge last month (with the daily part, anyway, maybe not so much the artistic ability):

I may not have admitted this before, but I get bored easily (card making is pretty much the first hobby I've really stuck with for more than a few months, since I was a child), so changing challenges was probably a really good idea. Previously I tried 60-day ICAD challenges (2016 being the only time I completed 60) and #100days (I completed 60 last year).

I was not going to do a January daily challenge, until I saw the words on the #llleverydamnday list at Llamas Love Lettering - what great words!  Cindy suggested maybe just use your own handwriting; I can do that. So, I did that for three days, and found that too easy (boring). I started over, using one of the lettering styles Cindy teaches:
In this enlarged view, I can see that my lettering really needs some work, but that's kind of the point, I guess.  Or maybe I just need to put on reading glasses before I start lettering...

Last month and last week, I read that Tammy, at DaisyYellow (home of ICAD) and iHanna are collaborating on #365somethings2018.  Wow, that's a commitment!  On first reading, I was impressed and intrigued, but intimidated.  When I realized they didn't say daily, but rather, 365 before 12/31/2018, I decided I can probably make 365 cards.  Last year, I made 259 (yes, I counted - I have photos of every one of them). Forty of those were in sets of five the same, which I don't do unless I need a lot in a short time, such as when I don't have 100 Christmas cards ready before the middle of December.  So, 365 is a stretch, but I think it's achievable, and it should help with the 100 cards before mid-December thing, too! I'm going to give it a try.

Then, day before yesterday, I found this:
So, I may be seriously overestimating my ability to stay involved and motivated, but it's weekly, it seems do-able, and photography is one of the often neglected hobbies I've collected through the years.  I guess my Instagram account will be getting a workout this year! Most of my cards will still be here, but I'd sure like to see some of you and your projects on Facebook and Instagram.

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Anne (cornucopia) said...

365 somethings is a daunting challenge. I just found out about it today. I might try to do it. I think you can achieve it, based on how many cards you made last year!