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Sunday, January 21, 2018

catching up on creative challenge adventures

Cards 15 through 22 - still only one card ahead in my #365cards2018 for #365somethings2018, and only 4 are Christmas cards.  (I can't resist - that's 6% of the total cards and 4% of the Christmas cards.)  I think I need to be ahead, since we'll be doing some traveling next month and have visitors the week after we return, but it's hard to get ahead during Card Buffet week.  At least, I'm not behind yet!

I've also completed 3 of 3 weekly prompts for #QHphotochallenge.  This was my entry for "blue" - a snow couple I made for a craft exchange:

I'm also up-to-date on #llamaslovelettering, although it's not pretty:

And, of course, I found a few other projects to dabble in - the Facebook group My Creative Year challenged members to use what we already have to create a craft room (or studio) mascot.  I altered a leaf shaped fall-themed photo stand, and I kind of love this quirky little angel:
Eventually I expect to have little cards, probably ATCs, on display in the clips.  That was the week 2 challenge, I skipped week 3.  I see that the coming week is to dig in the dark recesses of our storage for forgotten supplies or half-finished projects - wonder where that will lead me?

I joined another challenge, too, which I found through YouTube and Facebook, to make #12PaperClipsof2018 - a decorative paper clip each month according to the posted theme.  At the 6-month and 12-month points, if we've made two of each clip, we can swap them with someone else.  What an irresistibly fun idea - it's that "make more things" part of my unmeasurable quasi-resolution for the year.  The first theme was a 2018 goal:

So, now I find myself involved with a daily challenge (lettering) for the month of January, as well as a weekly challenge (photos), a monthly challenge (paper clips), and an annual challenge (365 cards) for the year 2018.  So much fun!  And, I've learned that, even if I don't complete all (or any) of the challenges, I can still feel good about the bits I do complete

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Marcia said...

That's a lot of creative challenge! Not sure I could manage it.... I totally agree about focusing on the bits you complete and not the things you don't. The 365 Project has been so beneficial for me so far I don't think I'll feel I've failed if I don't make it to 365. (but I'm hoping I WILL make it!)