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Sunday, June 1, 2014

new adventures

I love "new" - new ideas, new projects, learning new things, trying new activities, even just new months.  This month, I'm going to join in the Index Card A Day activity sponsored by Daisy Yellow.  I "lurked" last year, when I tried some of Tammy's Daily Paper Prompts - this year I'm feeling braver, less self-judgmental, or maybe I've got more ambition. 

I tried some warm-up exercises - made a travel kit, since we're out of town a lot of weekends, and a practice card:
I raided my unnecessarily large stash of miscellaneous art supplies - four different kinds of markers (two of which are chisel-points for calligraphy), a little tray of watercolors I didn't know I owned, some inexpensive paint brushes and colored pencils, plus a generous supply of index cards; my Stampin' Up! supplies provided scissors and a glue stick.

Since the first suggested theme is text, my ICAD 2014 #1 card (made using the travel kit while sitting at our garage sale this morning) is a reminder list of thoughts I had while waiting for the new month to start:

Lists are well within my comfort zone, but I'm hoping to stretch a little this summer.  Recently I've been wishing I had some ability with collage.  I finally remembered that I used to do collage in high school - basic stuff, just pretty magazine pictures glued on typing paper (we didn't have computer paper back then, but it's the same stuff).  Nothing like you can find  at Collage Obsession, another site where I've been "lurking".  As Tammy pointed out, 3"x5" is a non-threatening size for trying out new techniques.  New is what makes life an adventure! 


lauren bergold said...

ok, missus, the only thing more exciting than the fact that you're doing ICAD this year is the prospect of seeing some kathe kollages!!! how ♥AWESOME♥ is that?! hint: it is unspeakably cool! totally diggin' card one, especially since it was made at your garage sale in the true spirit of ICAD! ♥♥♥ and happy summer! :)

Vicky Hayes said...

You are so right Kathe - new techniques, new routines, new adventures, new supplies - I'm on board!