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Thursday, May 26, 2011

adventures in synchronicity

I've been bumbling along today on not-quite-enough sleep for the second night in a row.  Earlier I ran across this article on bnet.  The gist of it is that we need eight hours of sleep, and without it our ability to focus and productivity levels suffer, without our recognizing it, and the effects worsen over time.  I found the defensiveness of the people who posted comments to be very interesting - puts me in mind of some old saw about protesting too much.  I could probably recall it with a little more accuracy if I'd had enough sleep.  This evening while I was debating whether I had anything interesting to post about, I ran across an article from Real Age on preparing for a good night's sleep.  It always strikes me when I get two (sometimes more) related messages from different sources like that.  So that's all I've got, that obviously I should have gone to bed about thirty minutes earlier than now, and evidently my computer is trying to tell me that.

Oh, and I had a great time with the wonderful women who stamped a stack of ten cards for $10 with me this evening!  I don't know whether the chatting and laughter are more fun than the stamping and creating, but they all fit together so well!  We made two each of these cards:
Some other fun people will be joining me to make these cards next week Saturday - we'd love to have you join us!  The last Thursday and Saturday of June I'll have five new cards, and I promise not be stuck on butterflies and ovals again.  I do love butterflies and ovals, but there's always something new to play with.  Sometimes I try to design cards that are all completely different in style or color or purpose; other times I try to have some cohesiveness, like a theme that ties the cards together.  Seeing these cards all together like this makes me think a theme might have been a good idea.  I'm open to suggestions if you have any to offer!


Vicky Hayes said...

You sound as if you've been having great fun with your stamping group! And I'm definitely with you on the sleep front!

Crestine Hauser said...

I love when synchronicites happen to me too!